McDonalds Poutine review

McDonalds just announced and released their version of the poutine. For those who don’t know what a poutine is a poutine is fries covered in cheese curds and gravy.

Unlike most poutines at fast food restaurants that come in a plastic container the McDonald’s Poutine comes in a paper box; just like all of McDonald’s food items.


McDonald's Poutine

McDonald’s Poutine

McDonald’s advertises that their poutine uses real cheese curds, their word famous fires and gravy. Unsurprisingly the gravy used in the poutine is powered based and is really bland tasting. The gravy is light in color and I would assume the gravy is simulated chicken flavour.




McDonald's Poutine

McDonald’s Poutine


The average price around Canada for the McDonald’s Poutine is under $4.

Nutritional Information: 

McDonald's Poutine Nutritional information

McDonald’s Poutine Nutritional information


 Final Thoughts: 

To be honest McDonald’s fries are way to skinny to be used in a poutine. Overall I am not happy with McDonald’s first attempt at making a poutine. Maybe they will improve it over time.

The gravy did not have much of a taste to it.

I also found the size to be really small almost snack sized.

The fries that come in the poutine are almost the equivalent to a small size at McDonalds.

Have you tried the McDonald’s Poutine if so leave a comment for everyone below!


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  • DarrinW

    Yes I have tried the McDonald’s pontine and they now upgraded the fries to a medium instead of a small so you get more than before but yes I agree it could be way better gravy didn’t taste the best fries where cold when I got the meal which I ate in my truck in the parking lot better luck next time McDonald’s corporation first try a fail in my books

  • Keith Morley

    Tried the “poutine” at McDonalds; the gravy was thin and tastless, the fries are not large enough for poutine, and even if they say these are real cheese curds; they are definitely not the curds you get in Quebec. Comparing McDonalds Poutine to a Quebec made poutine is like comparing the Crown Jewels to Glass imitations. The only good poutine unfortunately is made in Quebec.