Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx best mobile mouse

I have bought a lot of computer mice trying to find the best mobile mouse for my MacBook.

I started with a Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse.

I really like the touch feature and how the touch could simulate a physical scroll wheel. The mouse has bluetooth, and Microsoft’s Bluetrack technology which allows the mouse to track well on almost anything, but for glass. I did not like how the mouse was only bluetooth and I fund it did not track very well on my bed. So I started looking for another mouse. Though, a neat feature about this mouse is it works with any Android phone or tablet!

I then grabbed a Microsoft Touch Mouse.

Though I was disappointed to find out the mouse only worked with Windows. There is no support for Mac OSX. Though when I tried the mouse on a Windows machine I really like how well the gestures worked on the mouse! As the whole top of the mouse is touch based.

Lastly I tried a Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx.

The Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx is really an anywhere mouse! the mouse uses Logitech’s Darkfield laser technology which allows the Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx to track on any surface including glass! I am happy to report that yes I can use the Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx even on my bed without a problem!

The best mobile mouse is the Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx.

As you can see I am even writing this post using my Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx. I would even recommend the Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx as a desktop mouse! Its very comfortable.

Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx

Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx

The Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx even comes with a very nice leather case to store it when you are not using it.

Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx leather case

Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx leather case

The Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx works on Windows and Mac OSX! The software will even tell you the battery life left of the Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx. The Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx also has advanced battery saving features that will put the mouse in a low power mode when it has not been moved in awhile.

Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx Mac OSX software

Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx Mac OSX software

Lastly the Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx comes with Logitech unifying micro receiver which means the usb dongle is very small! Also being that it belongs to the unifying line means the dongle that comes with your Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx can be used with up to 8 different Logitech devices such as other mice or even keyboards without ever having to swap out your usb receiver!

Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx Unifying Reciever

Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx Unifying Receiver


Do you own the Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx? If so leave a comment below on what you think about this mouse!



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  • Long John Dickweed

    Get USB cable mouse. The cable will stretch farther than you will ever be away from your screen. You also avoid paying for the mouse several times over with replacement batteries.

    • Will I Am

      I just bought one of these mouses. They are awesome! I can use it on my bed, glass night stand, or even on my lap. The battery life is crazy compared to other wireless mouses and it last a year or over for battery power. I used to use corded ones but there messy with cables, Its like using a cell phone being plugged in with 3 feet of cable, Def go with this mouse, its compatible with macs and windows, and most stores offer 7-14 days return policys. The worst that could happen is you don’t like like the mouse and return it and get 100% money back. That way it cost nothing if you dint like it and can get a more suited mouse for your preference. I used to use a microsft mouse but this Logitech is way more advanced now and more energy efficient for its features.