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Blackberry Passport phone

New Blackberry Passport with a 4.5 inch screen at 1440×1440 expected to be out September 2014.

Moto 360 too late

Moto 360

The Moto 360 has been the most hyped announced smart watch this year, but will an unknown release date I believe the Moto 360 will join too late.   Samsung and LG have both released their smart watches about a month ago. Overall the impressions have been mixed. With Gizmag reporting a subpar experience with …

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Sony Xperia Z3 coming soon with new leaked photo

Xperia Z3 spy shot

Xperia Z3 hits FCC                 Sadly no news on specs on release date, but keep checking back. The Xperia Z2 just came out a few months ago, but Sony announced they want to create a flagship phone every 6 months!                 …

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LG G Watch vs Samsung Gear Live android wear watches

Samsung Gear Live vs LG G Watch

  Both LG and Samsung have just released their own android wear watches! Which one is superior and why? Keep reading to find out. LG G Watch The LG G watch is LG’s first android wear watch and the companies first smart watch. The price of the G Watch is $229 which is not bad. …

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Why you should not buy a Black Sonicare Diamond Clean toothbrush


Phillips has released a limited edition black diamond care toothbrush. Its a very sleek looking toothbrush, but I already see one problem. The toothbrush on my comes with one black tooth brush head. Looking at various stores such as London Drugs, Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart I could not find any black replacement tooth brush heads. …

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Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx best mobile mouse

I have bought a lot of computer mice trying to find the best mobile mouse for my MacBook. I started with a Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse. I really like the touch feature and how the touch could simulate a physical scroll wheel. The mouse has bluetooth, and Microsoft’s Bluetrack technology which allows the mouse to …

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