A&W Mushroom Mozza Burger review


A&W Canada has changed from their great foil wrappers that helped keep their burger warm to a cheap paper wrapper as seen here. The Mushroom Mozza is not the first burger to see this cost cutting as every A&W burger is wrapped in this new wrapper. I am not too happy with it as the toppings from your burger usually fall out.

Mushroom Mozza Burger wrapping

Mushroom Mozza Burger wrapping


From the top of the burger you can tell A&W toasted the buns for the Mushroom Mozza. I would like to add that the buns are not too toasted.



Mushroom Mozza Burger

Mushroom Mozza Burger


From the side you can see that A&W is not using their new teen burger party for the Mushroom Mozza, but instead the Mushroom Mozza uses their older, cheaper thinner burger patty.


Mushroom Mozza Burger: From the Side

Mushroom Mozza Burger: From the Side


Mushroom Mozza Burger cheese on top wheres the mushrooms?

A&W Mushroom Mozza Burger cheese on top where is the mushrooms?

Peeling the top bun off you do not immediately see Mushrooms. I would expect with this being a Mushroom Mozza burger you would see Mushrooms first.


Mushroom Mozza Burger: Found the mushrroms!

A&W Mushroom Mozza Burger: Found the mushrooms!

Peeling back the Mozzarella cheese you can see some Mushrooms! These mushrooms are sliced thinly and are slightly cooked. These look like the cheap canned mushrooms you can buy at your local grocery store. Nothing special here.

Just like the A&W Grandma Prime Rib Burger you have grilled onions on the bottom of the burger. This is a nice treat. Personally I like the raw onions A&W uses in their other burgers as there is more flavour. Click here to read my Grandma Prime Rib burger review.

A&W Mushroom Mozza Burger: Sautéed Onion

A&W Mushroom Mozza Burger: Grilled Onion



Just like A&W’s Prime Rub burger I am disappointed again in the taste of the burger. The mushrooms have no taste and the onions have no taste. This has to be the most plain mushroom burger I’ve ever tasted. If you like mushrooms you might want to look elsewhere.


Locally the price if the Mushroom Mozzarella burger currently costs $6 just for the burger. And $8 for a combo. I find this quite expensive especially as Dairy Queen currently has a $6 meal deal right now. Kfc is also running a $5 meal and Burger King always has the $4.99 daily meals. Overall, I find the A&W Mozza Burger to be overpriced.

Nutritional Information

Lets be honest. No fast food is healthy. A&W does advertise that their beef has no hormones or steroids. So I guess that’s an advantage.

A&W Mushroom Burger nutritional information

A&W Mushroom Burger nutritional information

Would I Buy The A&W Mushroom Mozza Burger Again?:

The short answer is no. Overpriced, no real good taste. Just not worth it in my mind.

Do you agree or disagree. If you’ve had a A&W Mozza Burger leave a comment below let’s everyone know what you thought.

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