Google updating apps for 5.0 Lollipop


It is now October 31st the launch date of the Nexus 6. My Nexus 5 has just received a update for the camera app stating that it is ready for 5.0 Lollipop. There are some new design elements too. You can see that Google Plus , Play Movies and TV, and Google Chrome were updated. …

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Nexus 6 reviewed

The Nexus 6 will be out within the next two days. Reviews are starting to come in now. Engadget reviews the Nexus 6 he Nexus 6’s whopper of an AMOLED screen runs at Quad HD (2,560 x 1,440, if you haven’t already memorized it), and that combination of display size and resolution is frankly beautiful… …

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KFC Canada needs to bring back the Wrapstar


KFC Canada needs to bring back the delicious Wrapstar. The Wrapstar for those who do not know is a sand which which starts with a tortilla wrap, followed by pepper mayo, chicken strips, a crispy tortilla chip, with salsa on top, cheese, and lettuce! So good! Sign my petition to get the Wrapstar back: Click …

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Nexus 6 too expensive?

Is the new Nexus 6 too expensive? The Nexus 6 starts at a average price of $650 for a high-end device, but high for a Nexus device. Last years Nexus 5 started at a very nice $299 which is more than half the price of the new Nexus 6. I have been a fan of …

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New Amazon ‘Fire TV Stick’ starts at $39

Fire Tv Stick

Amazon has just released their new Fire TV Stick which competes with Apple Tv, and Google Chromecast. Just like the Chromecast you plug the Fire Tv stick into your hdmi port on your tv, therefore, allowing you to watch movies, music, games and more. There is plenty of power as the Fire TV stick has …

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New Sony XQD memory cards offer amazing speed


Sony has just released their new Sony XQD memory cards to read more about it click here on our sister site Donate Dogecoins: DJkemrJDotM5D1Wx5Pa6TTmYwWA6gNvPGB Whats This?

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